In the late town

In the late town, in the late town
They all go to sleep, they all go to sleep -
Our mothers, our fathers and our greatgrandfathers -
They all go to sleep.

And in their sleep they talk and play
And invent new games that our grandchildren could play.
And in those games everything is upside down
And inside out
And everything is for real.
Birds, animals, amoebas and plants
All alive, all alive.
And they sing the song of happiness
That all souls are alive and never die.

Neither your fathers nor your mothers
Nor your greatgrandmothers
Nor your trees nor your flowers-
They never die.

Golden dust spreads it’s wings
And flies like an eagle,
Leaden crust stands on it’s legs
And runs like a horse.

All alive, all alive
And they never die.


from The album, released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Vasha Dai and The Mutant Band Utena, Lithuania

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