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Gido Lahuis – electric guitar, mandolin, sazs, bass, back vocal on “The Cat”
Martijn Westra – bass, fretless bass
Vasha Dai – acoustic guitar, charango, vocal
Michelle Samba – drums, back vocal on “These stars”
Diederik Pasman – electric organ
Lennart Boonstra - acordeon

Lyrics by Vasha Dai

Recorded in Academie voor Popcultuur studios and Gido’s house during 17th – 24th of March, 2015, Leeuwaarden, The Netherlands

Produced by Gido Lahuis and Ramūnas Peršonis

Cover artwork by Leandro Falcone

Cover and booklet design by Mavic Espiritu

All instruments on this album tuned to 432Hz..


released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Vasha Dai and The Mutant Band Utena, Lithuania

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Track Name: Walking into the sunset
Walking into the sunset (F-G-Dm-C-F-G-C)

Walking into the sunset
Talking about the anarchy
“Isn’t it nice to be like this?”

Her ancestors were Persian-
Descendants of poets and vagabonds.

Skies wave, then turn
Blue into red, red into mud.

Small African huts
Snooze in the late afternoon
Kids play in a bush.

Her hands extend into long silhouettes
Then reach deep into blood
Snails crawl over the waning moon
The sea backs up
Fishermen return
Ancient lighthouse far in the sea
Grows into Babel
Then falls into dust.

Her face is all sunset
Clayred and nightblue
And she throws away the book.
Track Name: Bergen
Bergen song

“I know where the lightning comes from”
And “not you choose the mystery, but the mystery chooses you”
I hear in a dream that like a fog
Spreads over green hills.

Down the hill, close to the sea
Lays a beautiful town
Full of marvelous houses
And warm lazy parks
Full of city folk.

There are churches and shops and stations
For buses and trams
That run and mark the passing of Time –
Of hours, of minutes
Of middays and midnights.

And on Sundays there is a market,
Just like in the old days
Where freaks and clowns
Sell their stories
To entertain rich and bored.
Track Name: Stolen night

That night I stole the kiss from you
Just close to where you live
I didn’t say goodbye
Nor did you.

Where are we going now?
You, please, tell me
I can’t figure it on my own,
But I just know that you are very beautiful.

The night was closing hard on you
You were tired of dancing, drinking, making boys go crazy
The stars will shut off very soon now
Some other night we would be sleeping
But tonight we keep on making rounds.
And sparrows sing the break of dawn
And that’s where we must leave it,
We must leave if for tonight.
Track Name: The cat
The cat

I remember the rye fields near Prague
Where one night my skull popped open
Like a lollipop in a child’s mouth
And I saw Infinity for the first time.

There were cats shining and mewing
Everything was born of the cat
That’s why we are still mewing.

Inside that cat was another cat
Even more beautiful
From his mouth flew butterflies
And from his ears sprang three old towers.

All animals came to honor this cat
Even the man, but the last one in the cue
That’s why we are still mewing.

Rye fields near Prague
Golden moon in our heads
Stars in our mouths
Slowly cuddling and mewing.
Track Name: Late town
In the late town

In the late town, in the late town
They all go to sleep, they all go to sleep -
Our mothers, our fathers and our greatgrandfathers -
They all go to sleep.

And in their sleep they talk and play
And invent new games that our grandchildren could play.
And in those games everything is upside down
And inside out
And everything is for real.
Birds, animals, amoebas and plants
All alive, all alive.
And they sing the song of happiness
That all souls are alive and never die.

Neither your fathers nor your mothers
Nor your greatgrandmothers
Nor your trees nor your flowers-
They never die.

Golden dust spreads it’s wings
And flies like an eagle,
Leaden crust stands on it’s legs
And runs like a horse.

All alive, all alive
And they never die.
Track Name: Summer is gone
The summer is gone

The summer is gone
The summer is gone
Your dress flapping in the wind
Your face – all stars, all moons and all flowers.

Handful of sand in your hand
Handful of sand in your hand
Look, you say, that’s our love
And when it’s gone - it’s gone, it’s over.

The summer is gone
The summer is gone
Like a short night’s dream
Like a feather blown away in the wind
Like a squirrel’s talk
In the late evening’s trees
Like an old primadona.

The summer is gone
The summer is gone
Your hand painting in the air
Hearts, crosses, roses and penguins.

Slow kiss on the autumn’s beach
Slow kiss on the autumn’s beach
And most tender of the breeze
Brings in all love’s colors.
Track Name: The fool
The fool

The fool walks around
Doing her silly things
According to her –
That’s how it is.

There is nothing more fun than this
There is nothing more fun than this
Even if you think that I am racist or sexist
There is nothing more fun than this.

You look like a queen
And you smell like a rose
But inside it’s just crap –
Sorry, girl, that doesn’t count.

Nothing to earn my respect
Not even from this positive aspect
It’s all just your new dress,
It’s good that you got new address.
Track Name: She is moving in the circles
She is moving in the circles

She is moving in the circles
Shining bright in morning sky
Neighbors clap or shout at her
But deep inside she knows -
That’s alright.

Cats are mewing – distorted voices
Dolphins cry – the world in pain
Pirates shake their dirty hands
And seal their deals with cloudy skies.

Kings and queens they dance like crazy
Horses run in iced fields
Three old witches in the mountains
Sing their songs and collect their men.

Two reflections in the water
She seems two-faced, but she is not
She is moving in the circles
Shining bright in morning clouds.
Track Name: The story of the Dutch girl
The story of the Dutch girl

“I was tortured as a child” – she says
And I see pain writing wrinkles around her eyes.
When she slowly caresses the night
And covers her face with a shirt.
I saw rainbows of pain
Hovering like nimbus around her head
And couldn’t say, I couldn’t say a word.

“But I had lots of joy too”- reveals she
I had to cure myself, walk like a nymph
And eat fresh summer grass
To feed myself and clean from the pain.

And she jumps like a child
And slaps my ass
And sun pops out in the sky
And birds awake in the still dark.
Track Name: And these stars
And those stars

And those stars above
This silent shore
Twinkling and mingling
With the birds and their song.

And your face so beautiful in the silver foam
Nightwaters rustling in my corazon
From where I do remember you?
Were we lovers or friends?
I don’t know now.
Track Name: The Sicilian friend
The Sicilian friend

Oh my Sicilian friend
Skies melt in your mouth
And the monsters that you paint
Turn into the kites.

Oh my Sicilian friend
I am calling again
Could we meet in the station?
Or do we meet in a dream?

Oh my Sicilian friend
I see you crying
And the kohl on your eyes
Is all blurred.

Oh my Sicilian friend
Finally I see you smiling again
And the red of your lips
Is all butterflies.

Oh my Sicilian friend
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me, alright?
You are free like a bird.